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    • The PIE is a LIE

      3 years ago


      Why is today called PI day? I'm not getting any PIE. I'm not receiving any PIE. I don't even see a PIE anywhere. THE PIE WAS ALL A LIE!! Don't believe into their lies...It's been all a lie!

      PS...Yes I know it's 3.14 blah blah...Math stuff...Pie is more interesting and delicious!

    • 5 Facts For You!!!

      3 years ago


      Aye RT community, I forgot I was tagged by the lovely @jacjoyce so guess it's time for me to take part of this whackyness!

      1. Favorite Video Game series of all-time must be Kingdom Hearts
      Some of you might already know about this series but for the people who don't. Kingdom Hearts is an JRPG made by the legendary company called Square Enix. I would go in-depth but then I would be sitting here for a while. So why I love this series so much, well it has everything. It has an amazing story, confusing but still amazing. The music, oh god the music in this game is so good. If you haven't listened to any of them, just listen to Dearly Beloved, Sanctuary and Simple & Clean. Fighting along side your favorite Disney and Final Fantasy to fight the likes of Jafar, The Hydra, Oogie Boogie and Sephiroth to name a few. The gameplay, cinematic cutscenes and graphics were really top notch for the PS2 days and still holds up to this day in my opinion. And to this day I still play the remakes on PS3, waiting for the day Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out.

      2. Gaming and Drawing is my main hobbies
      Many of you probably don't know that I'm a hardcore gamer. Instead of picking a side and just game on that specific thing brand, I tend to play on any console and PC. I'm not here to start a war on what is better than what, I'm here to play good games. Ranging from FPSs to RPGs. These to hobbies of mine actually connect to each other. Gaming was kinda the reason I actually started drawing. The art style in all the games I play have such a unique look and it was something that interested me. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Mega Man had such an impact on me that it was some of the stuff I tried to draw when I was starting out. I recently got back into drawing and this is something I missed doing. So here's hoping for me to continue on both these amazing hobbies.

      3. Dragon Ball Z is the BEST
      This got to be my favorite show. Yea, some of you might be saying "there's so much better animes out there" but this is what I got to say to that. Growing up with this show from Grade 1 to Grade 9 was something. I remember the days when I was young pretending we were the Z Warriors and just playing Dragon Ball Z was always a good time. Waking up and watching DBZ before going to school, talking about DBZ to friends and ending my day watching a new episode of DBZ. My life was basically DBZ for a while and to be honest, every time a new DBZ game comes out, I get so HYPED! I even watch DBZ still and have a DBZ wall scroll hanging on my wall.

      4. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero
      Spider-Man really meant something to me. Unlike most superheroes, he's one who people could kinda relate to. Yes, he has superpowers but he still struggles with normal things in life that most well-known superheroes don't. There was even a time in Grade 10 where the topic was your inspiration and I wrote about Spidey himself. To this day, I still live by this motto "With great power comes great responibility."

      5. 3 Main Goals
      Exercise, drawing and gaming. These are the 3 main things I'm currently doing and hope to keep on doing it. Since the start of this year, I have the goal to draw something every 1-2 weeks and beat at least 2 games a month. Working out is something I been doing for almost 9 months now and I can't tell you how much better I feel. It's always hard to just have the motivation to do any of these 3 things but I could tell you, when you do. It just feels so good doing it.

      Now guess it's time for me to tag 3 other people and those lucky people are @MegOmyeggo, @EliteIzzy and the big man @JamesWillems! These tags are sponsored by GRAPES!!

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    Hailing from Vancouver, BC. Gamer, artist in training, streamer and a decent person (maybe) That's all you need to know but if you want to know more, just hit me up with a message and we could talk.

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