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    • Good mo(u)rning -- Bird Death?

      4 months ago

      tndrloin Professional Cat Herder

      I'm a laaaate sleeper when I have the choice.

      Woke up at about 10am to Human beloved yelling "OH MY GOD. OH FUCK. FUCK! NO. NO!". Human was obviously in shock at what he was seeing, and I just thought, "what the fuuuuck is this all about?  Oh.. shit"

      Baldy Le Cat CAUGHT A BIRD in his mouf on our balcony. We live in a very quiet, docile neighborhood. Did he see that this would make him a badass on catmedia? He's never done this in his life. This behavior completely surprised me, but damn -- apparently, cat's gonna cat!

      It was a very tense 30 minutes while Baldy tried to get inside while the bird's neck was in his mouth. He didn't quite understand that we didn't really want to let him in with that bird in his mouth, he kept pawing at the screen door like "uhh, come on -- I got shit to do!". I contemplated wrestling the bird out, but that would've very likely made things worse for the poor lady/fella bird.

      All we could do was wait for Baldy to drop it. As soon as the bird was out, the chase was on. I took out a good tuft of Baldy's fur while trying to catch him and not let him get the bird back in his mouth (at least his name fits more-so now) and the bird hopped a bit on the balcony.

      We scurried Baldy inside, and did research on what to do. Is this poor bird going to die?!

      "Birdie" went to the dark back corner of the balcony.

      Things are grim. 

      I called the closest vet. They don't "do birds". I then called our property management to see if they had any suggestions. Unless the bird is dead, nothing they can do. If the bird IS dead, maintenance can come and handle. Found a vet hospital about 30 min away that takes care of birdies until 2pm.

      During this time, Birdie decided to chill out on the very edge of our balcony, where the iron trellis/barrier is. He stayed there for awhile. He looked okay. Was tilting his head around, scoping things out. We think he was in shock. Stayed there while Human beloved got a cardboard box ready and poked many, several holes in it, in preparation for trip to the bird hospital and put a cute small towel inside. We had a game plan ready. While starting to initiate the game plan, however, Birdie flew away.

      Human beloved went down to the courtyard to see if he could find it, while I scoped things out from above. Somebody was walking their dog below, and we warned them to keep a look out, in case dog was a hunter like Baldy. Maybe Birdie went to the tree right in front of us? Behind the bushes? Birdie was nowhere to be found. We think Birdie'll be okay!

      While I don't have pics of the traumatic incident, I do have a pic of a lizard spotted while looking for said Birdie.

      Can you find the lizard? What kind is it? I have no idea..


      (we will never be able to unsee what Baldy has done)

    • Today Celebrates..

      1 year ago

      tndrloin Professional Cat Herder

      My one-year anniversary at Rooster Teeth! In addition, we're also celebrating our 14 Year Anniversary. 

      I truly can't think of a greater group of people to work with. Every day has it's hurdles, but in the end it's all worth it due to the deep hearts and good souls of all that work here.

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    • inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      2 years ago

      Welcome to RT. We hope you enjoy your stay, and find a group of folks that love the things you love.

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      2 years ago

      Welcome to the community! <3

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